Alexandra was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to the United States at the age of 14. She spent her teenage years living with her mother in California. Alexandra has always been the type of person that enjoys helping others without expecting anything in return. This is one of the reasons why, in 2003, she joined the United States Air Force. During her 5 years of service, Alexandra deployed to the middle-east two times as a Security Forces Member. Alexandra conducted many missions but one of the most memorable for her was conducting detainee operations while at Camp Bucca, Iraq, where she assisted in securing some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists. Alexandra had made her family and country very proud with all she had accomplished while in the military and will never forget the everlasting friendships she had made.  Although her enlistment was coming to an end a new chapter in her life was beginning. In 2007, she met her now husband Tim while they were both stationed at Tinker AFB, OK. Life began to move a lot faster from that point forward.  They moved to New Hampshire to start their life and family together. Alexandra is now the very proud mommy of two extraordinary boys, Collin who is 7 and Caleb who is now 2. They are her biggest fans and the reason for everything she does. Her greatest accomplishments in life have been her two boys and being married to such an amazing man. Being diagnosed with breast cancer was devastating news, as it is for anyone that goes through it. Since her diagnosis in September 2015 she has had a bilateral mastectomy and is still undergoing chemotherapy treatments as well as breast reconstruction. It has been a long and continuous road to recovery that seems never ending at times. Although at times she has been in extreme pain and has become frustrated, angry, and discouraged, she has learned to focus on taking everything one day at a time. Alexandra has found strength through her family, friends, and neighbors. She has been overwhelmed by the amount of support and generosity of so many.