BOSTON, MA  - ZoomInfo, a company headquartered in the greater Boston area, has been helping companies achieve their most important objective: profitable growth. As a market intelligence software company that provides B2B data, ZoomInfo has now helped a local nonprofit, Miss Pink, achieve their most important objective as well: Supporting local breast cancer survivors and their families with basic medical and financial assistance. 

In October, ZoomInfo employees orchestrated a large 5k to help raise awareness, promote healthy lifestyles and engage the community to support Miss Pink Warriors. Over 50 employees donated to the cause and helped raise $3,335 at what is now marked as their first annual event, hosted at City Streets of Waltham, MA. At the event, a Miss Pink Warrior joined ZoomInfo and shared her personal journey with breast cancer and how that has shaped her own life. She also shared an important message that each day should be lived to the fullest because you only get to live once. ZoomInfo employees listened intently as they saw exactly the type of women they were able to help support, true heroes. 

Yonatan Stern, CEO of ZoomInfo, is a firm believer in supporting his community and company. So much so that he offered to match each of his employees. Stern donated an additional $3,335 to Miss Pink, totally the amount to $6,670.

Through this incredible partnership, Miss Pink and ZoomInfo were able to directly support a single mother of two with two months rent and groceries, transportation two and from treatment for an additional two women and groceries for two weeks for a family of four. 

The Miss Pink Organization is beyond grateful for ZoomInfo and their employees. They helped make October one of the most successful ones ever for Miss Pink.