The Miss Pink Organization is the parent organization to the Miss Pink Pageant. Please visit us at misspink.org to learn more or click here

Compete for a cause. Fight for a cure.

Miss Pink Pageant is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that started in 2010 as an annual benefit event that celebrates the life of breast cancer survivors and the true beauty, courage and hope that they each possess. It has grown to serve as a community for breast cancer survivors and their families to come together in support. The Pageant event itself has now become our signature event of the year. But it has led us to realize the need for us to build our organization in effort to continuously support our breast cancer patients and survivors and all those at risk, year round.

While we have grown tremendously since our inception, we at Miss Pink, strive to play a larger role in the North Shore and Greater Boston Area as well as throughout New England. Our goal is to provide emotional and financial support to women and their families struggling to fight this disease. We wish to increase education, aid in prevention, help fund basic medical needs and rejuvenate and celebrate the women who deserve to know how beautiful they truly are.


  • Educating the community  by teaching about early detection and encouraging regular breast exams
  • Supporting families by providing funds to cover costs of medical bills and basic necessities during times of treatment
  • Furthering research by partnering with medical organizations who are making strides in finding a cure for breast cancer
  • Fostering health habits by offering fitness events, healthy living tips and wellness care
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Miss Pink Robe Program

The Miss Pink Organization is proud to announce a new initiative as part of our community outreach. 

Miss Pink Robe Program: 

The robe program connects with patients recently diagnosed with breast cancer and have begun treatment. Often times we find that many women feel cold, alone and helpless when they begin chemotherapy or radiation. The Miss Pink Robe program partners with hospitals to provide recently diagnosed pink warriors with a cozy robe that is exclusive to the Miss Pink Organization.

These soft robes will keep the patients warm during chemo and will be a nice cover-up apart from the usual Johnnies that are worn for treatment. Not only is it nicer to wear, but the warm robe is like a hug given to the patient during the tough time of treatment; it signifies the courage that all patients have when fighting against cancer. It is a constant reminder from Miss Pink of the comfort that they can provide them. Whether the patient has a vast amount of support or none at all, Miss Pink strives to support everyone where they need it. Miss Pink looks to expand the efforts of the robe program into more hospitals around New England. This will spread the mission of Miss Pink and allow them to have a greater outreach to patients across many states.

Medical organizations are encouraged to reach out to Miss Pink if interested in getting more involved with this program. Please send emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Miss Pink Title Holders

Shanna "Fabianna" Pinet, Miss Pink 2017

Lexi Theberge, Miss Pink 2016

Michele Dube, Miss Pink 2015

Lori Cain, Miss Pink 2014

Kristina Darcangelo, Miss Pink 2013

Kristen Wood, Miss Pink 2012

Donna Wadden, Miss Pink 2011 

Trish Grzela, Miss Pink 2010

Miss Pink Board Members

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Founder and President
Nick Shultz - Co-founder and Vice President
Dan Tymann - Treasurer
Tiffany Stone - Director of Community Engagement 
Kate Arnold - Director of Communications


Julia Scaparotti
Heather Erickson 
Donna Scopa
Trish Grzela
Karen La Mesa Chase
Kaet Parent
Heather Varela
Erin Kuntz